Internet Use Policy

A library's mission is to provide free access to information regardless of the medium.  The Grant Area District Library (GADL) acknowledges the unique environment the Internet provides for all those interested in discovering more about the world. 

The GADL provides access to information on the Internet for all its library patrons.  There exists no appropriate means to control the resources offered by the Internet nor the complete understanding of what is on it.  There are no safeguards or existing limits on the content of the information.  In the absence of a governing apparatus or entity, the ultimate responsibility to search for information on the Internet is to that of the library patron.

The GADL complies with Public Act No.212 of 2000 in using a filtering program to monitor and restrict obscene material and sexually explicit content from harming minors.  No filtering program can guarantee absolute protection for library patrons and minors from questionable material.  The parents or legal guardians are responsible for their minor child's reading, listening, and viewing of library material, including the Internet. 
  • Library users may not use their own software programs on the library's computer network. This reduces the probability of exposing the library's entire computer network to a computer virus or worm. 
  • Internet users must have a library card or temporary user number (obtained from the circulation desk) in order to access the Internet. 
  • Use of an Internet computer is limited to  a maximum of 60 minutes per day, except during hours of peak demand when it will be limited to 30 minutes.
  • Computer use will end 15 minutes before the library closes.
  • A fee will be charged for material printed from GADL computers.
  • Individuals are responsible for their own choices.  Parents and guardians are responsible for the choices of their own minor children. 
GADL's computers cannot be used for:
  • Commercial Activity (lawful credit card purchases or orders of items by the user for personal use is permitted)
  • Chat rooms or instant messaging
  • Sending, receiving or displaying text or graphics which may reasonably be construed as obscene/ offensive.
  • Disrupting use of the Internet for others.  Only one person may occupy an Internet station at a time.  There is no room for doubling up on Computers. 

A library patron in violation of these policies in using the Internet will lose their Internet and/or Library privileges.