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When you're tired of all that homework, 
come here for  websites that are just for fun!


            Teen Central    A website for teens where you can socialize, post journals, and more!


                        Snopes    Rumors, legends, folklore and urban myths from all over!


                                Obon    How to liven  up your school supplies with fun artistic projects!


                                     Photobucket    A site for designs, pictures, and art pieces where you can upload your own    



    Picture Trail    Look at pics and flicks from teens like

                                        you and then post your own photos!


                                                        Lolcats       Everyone's favorite site for hilarious pictures of cats and other

                                                                              cute animals!


                                                        Teensay        Funny and stupid videos for teens to enjoy!


                                      Potter Puppet Pals       The website for the puppets that are taking the world by storm!


                           Kiss This Guy        A great site with a large searchable database of the most hilarious

                                                                    misheard lyrics!


                Quizilla        A site where you can take quizzes, read stories, play games, and more!


        Click the button for the Dictionary of Jokes!


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